Max Quintavalle

Max Quintavalle is the founder of IttM. Born and raised in Florence, he graduated with a degree in Political Science. After graduation, he traveled extensively in the US, fascinated with the beauty, lifestyle and friendliness of the American people. Along with two friends he founded Sunny Tuscany, a company based in Florence which specializes in tours and excursions in Florence and Tuscany for a predominantly American clientele. The company quickly established itself as a point of reference for many visitors who booked single excursions or detailed itineraries with Sunny Tuscany for their Italian vacations. After falling in love with southern California, in 2012 Max decided to move to the US and further develop the experience he gained as a service provider in the field by opening an office in San Diego. From this location, IttM will be able to expand the services that have been available up till now in Tuscany to additional regions of Italy, including all major destination sites in order to offer a wide range of offerings for a truly unique vacation. With its background and network of contacts abroad, Italy to the Max is sure to make your vacation most memorable.

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